Sustainability at Northwoods and City of North Vancouver

We're proud to take part in the movement for a more eco-conscious city by installing beehives on the property.

We host 2 beehives. Our thousands of new colleagues will pollinate the urban flora that surrounds us during the summer. At the end of the season, we harvest their honey and share it with our community.

Sustainability at Northwoods and City of North Vancouver

City of North Vancouver

The environment and climate are core to the City's vision of sustainability. As the City of North Vancouver grows and redevelops it has both an opportunity to conserve existing environmental values and to create an improved environment for people and other life. Closely linked with this is how energy use and emissions are managed, which both have significant consequences for the environment and quality of life as a whole. The City of North Vancouver is leading the way at the local level to reduce the negative impacts of energy usage and mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. The state of the environment/climate form the foundation for society and quality of life.